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Excel tip: let the program think for you

Posted by Taylor Reporting Solutions, LLC on March 23, 2011 at 6:49 PM

Ok. There is one specific tool in Excel that I use 800 million times a day. I have no idea what it's called, but this tool literally saves me hours of work on a regular basis. When you copy and paste something (whether it's a formula from one cell to another or just a few cells of data), or when you use the auto-fill feature (which is going to have to be another post) a nifty little icon quietly appears in the bottom right corner of where you were working. It looks like this:

Or this:

If you have never noticed this little guy, I strongly suggest you start paying attention to him. When you click on it, it gives you some super helpful options. Would you like to copy just the formulas or do you want the formatting too? Do you want to use the formatting of your source or the formatting of your destination? Do you want to autofill the series (ie. Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) or do you just want to copy one month over and over again?

This little tool can literally save you hours that you'd otherwise spend reformatting your recently pasted items or retyping your formulas. It also shows up in Word and PowerPoint, where it can help you manage formatting more easily. (Ever watch your formatting go haywire when you paste from one PPT file to another? Just choose "Match Destination Formatting" when you paste it and the formatting styles of your new document should be applied.)

Check it out!

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