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Tracking Couples with the 2nd Person Box

Posted by Taylor Reporting Solutions, LLC on October 19, 2015 at 1:25 PM

Second Person Box

First, let's clarify just who the "2nd Person" is. Usually the second person is the spouse of the prospect. When adding the spouse’s name in the Prospect page, make sure you put it in the 2nd Person box (shown in red below.) Even though they seem like a unit, it will cause problems down the road if you make the mistake of putting both names (e.g. Betty and Don) in the First Name field on the Contact page.

Why This Is Importatnt

• Searching: You can search for either spouse’s name if one of them is listed in the 2nd Person box. If they’re both in one field, you can’t search for anyone but the first name.

• Mailing labels: They will be cleaner all around if you can proactively decide whether you want just one person’s name or both to show up (they need to be in separate fields for that decision to be an option)

• Move outs: You need them in separate fields to move them in. (You move them in independently so you can move them out independently.)

• Genders and Birthdays: In order to track things like date of birth, gender, date deceased, etc., they each need their own record. How are you going to track gender on “Betty and Don Balogna”?

• Contact Info: If you give them their own record, you can track emails and cell phones for each.

• Tracking Misc: If you want to set up fields to track hobbies, hot buttons, objections, etc., you can set them up like this:

• Hobbies – Prospect

• Hobbies – 2nd Person

• Hot Buttons – Prospect

• Hot Buttons – 2nd Person

• Scheduling Activities: Who did you actually talk to? If you give them their own record, you can indicate who each activity actually happened with. If you call Don Balogna one day and Betty the next, as in the example below, you can clearly (and easily) indicate that on the Activities page.

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