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Status Codes

Posted by Taylor Reporting Solutions, LLC on August 5, 2015 at 11:10 AM

Status codes should…

• Clearly tell us where the lead is in the sales process.

• Be looked at during every interaction and should be updated as often as needed.

• Be simple enough that it’s always obvious which one to choose. Grouping like items together will help keep things organized!

• Make it easy for everyone on the team to quickly know what the pipeline looks like.

• Make it easy to prioritize daily to-do lists. If you have a hundred things scheduled today, you should be able to start with the hots and work your way down the status code list.

• Align with your sales process and marketing tactics. If you have a group of leads that only get mailings, but there is no intention to call them on a regular basis, give them all the same status code so you’re not distracted by them on a daily basis.


We can add descriptive details to each code to help with consistency. Some communities have used labels like:

• Hot (decision within 30 days), Warm (decision within 1 year), Cool (decision beyond 1 year)

• Hot (ready to jump), Warm (actively engaged), Cool (ambivalent)


We can break active leads into as many categories as you think will be helpful but don’t go off the deep end. Depending on your specific sales cycle, three or four categories typically work best. To make this decision, think about what you’re going to do differently to “work” each group. If there is no real difference in how you plan to work a cool lead and a future lead, why have two categories?


The descriptions below are some possible ideas. We can work together to define the specifics that work for you!


Three Tiers:


• On the wait list or considering joining

• Thinking about a move in a year or sooner

• Ready to move as soon as we have the specific residence available

• In a crisis situation or there is some sort of urgency

• Calling in to set up a tour

• We’re in touch every two weeks

• Objections are mostly overcome


• Gave a tour to this person, they’re still doing research

• Frequent social visitor to campus

• Considering a move within 1-3 years

• Open to event attendance

• Responsive to calls

• Overcoming objections

• Willing to submit financial applications

• Possibly on a wait list


• Reluctant to schedule an appointment

• Move would be 3+ years out

• Difficult to connect with (lead is not responsive to phone calls)

• Still focused on objections

 Four Tiers:


• Displays strong understanding of and interest in community

• Is actively working to make a decision about moving to community

• If a decision is made to move to community, an apartment will be selected immediately or join priority list

• Discusses plans to put home on the market

• Initiates or welcomes ongoing contact (specific to community, not just because they like your friendship)

• Attends informational and experiential events

• Asks “buying signal” questions, more detailed questions about the product or contract


• Likes what he/she hears about community and wants to learn more

• Welcomes ongoing contact

• Not sure of timing if a decision would be made to move to community

• Attends information and experiential events

• Asks “buying signal” questions, more detailed questions about the product or contract


• Likes what they hear

• Not interested in moving now, but may have future interest

• One spouse keeps coming to events without the other

• May be looking at multiple communities

• Asking about waiting lists


• Wants to stay on the mailing list

• Only minimal information known about the prospective resident

• After effective sales associate discussions, still not sure if they can see themselves at community


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