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Nine Ways Our Report Package Will Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Taylor Reporting Solutions, LLC on July 7, 2013 at 10:30 AM

Okay, I admit it. This post is a bit of a sales pitch, but c'mon. New reports really will make us all happier, don't you think? :-)

With new reports…

…Sales counselors get more time to focus on clients (instead of reports)

…Marketing consultants get better insight into what’s working and what isn't

…Executive teams get a useful summary report without any distracting minutia

The quick summary: fewer distractions, better analysis, more informative reports.


Here are nine specific reasons you'll be able to sleep better knowing you can rely on your customized reports:

  1. Historical data is easier to find and always accurate.
  2. Reports are simpler to produce and don't distract the sales team.
  3. You can spend less time nagging people for numbers and more time analyzing data and making strategic decisions.
  4. Sales teams are more motivated since they're no longer being asked to spend time on monotonous, administrative tasks.
  5. From administrative assistants to CEO's, everyone has complete confidence in all of the marketing data.
  6. Investors have more confidence in your data and always have the data they need, which reduces the stress typically associated with their requests.
  7. Your can make hiring and firing decisions based on hard data. 
  8. Your marketing consultant can rely on your data and can make smarter decisions about spending marketing dollars.
  9. You'll get better data and more meaningful analyses from REPS and really be able to take advantage of that investment.

Better data = educated strategic decisions = more sales = more move-ins

= a stronger bottom line

Unless your current reports provide insightful analysis, are always reliable, and are simple to generate, there may be room for improvement. Easy to use reports that quickly get to the heart of the issues would make everyone’s job easier. We can help!

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